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Making a difference and living joyful entrepreneurship is Netural X at its core. We develop the concept, the product, finance, secure further growth and find a great team for a great new company.

News from Netural X

Netural X founds NXAI: Cutting-edge research for AI technologies made in Europe.
It is based on the xLSTM model by Sepp Hochreiter.
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Albert Ortig

CEO & Partner

Albert Ortig

Thomas Meneder

CFO & Partner

Thomas Meneder

Felix Neusser

CSO & Partner

Felix Neusser

Alex Pierer


Alex Pierer

Netural X has grown from the expertise of the digital pioneer Netural, which has been active on the market since 1998. In recent years, digital business models have repeatedly emerged from the Netural world, which have been spun off as separate companies with their own teams. Storyblok, Roomle, dcupl. Netural X makes use of this experience – with company building as its corporate purpose.

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